2% Location Bonuses

Customers Earn 2% Location Bonuses Buying Drop Shipped Products.

2% In Location Credits

Online Drop Ship Reward Program For In-Store & Restaurant Discounts

Main Treats Finances Online Drop Ship Shoppers To Shop or Eat In Local Businesses Using Our 2% In Location Credits

2% Small Print

Our 2% In Location Credits Prompts Online Drop Ship Customers To Physically Enter Their Favorited Business

When 2% In Location Credits Are Used, A Members Revenue Sharing Payments Are Credited

Our 2% In Location Credits Only Supports Our Local Brick & Mortar Stores Or Our Local Restaurant Members

Online Retailers & Content Providers Can Not Use These 2% In Location Credits

Customers Of Non Brick & Mortar Members Must Select A Participating Member Business To Use Our 2% In Location Credits

After Shopping The 2% In Location Credits Appear In Customers Commission Accounts

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